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“Forbidden Art” Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Exhibit Presented Exclusively in North America by the Polish Mission.
Video Tour Courtesy of our partner, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum and Boyhood Home in Abilene, Kansas.

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PINK comes to The Polish Mission!

Some of you may have lived through the dark years in Poland behind the iron curtain. You may remember how grey and lifeless the days seemed with restrictions on freedom to live, eat, work, and learn. … [Read More...]

manor born

To the Manor Born

You're invited to a Polish Genealogy workshop & Salon in Orchard Lake! Genealogists from The Polish Mission Ceil Jensen and Hal Learman present a special workshop that will explore the lavish … [Read More...]


Why Not Us?

The Polish Mission is proud to advance the cause of including Poland into the US' Visa Waiver Program.  Here, you'll find all the information you need to learn about the Visa Waiver, and Poland's … [Read More...]


Trzeci Maj celebrated at The Polish Mission in Orchard Lake, MI

One of the best things about the Polish Mission is our combination of Polish and American traditions. We get enthusiastic about American Independence Day on the 4th of July and the triumphant history … [Read More...]

1791 constitution

On this day in 1791…

Join the Polish Mission and our Polish Diplomatic Offices across the country as we celebrate Polish Constitution Day.  Join us in remembering the triumphant history of our great nation of Poland, when … [Read More...]


Polish School Robotics Team goes to World Championship!

The following is a special guest post by Miroslaw Owinski, head coordinator of the robotics program, about the team's recent trip to Kentucky for the VEX IQ World Championship!  It's inspiring to read … [Read More...]


This Aggression Will Not Stand.

Can anybody tell me why we’re subjected to this kind of slander? I'm calling on the United States government to take responsibility BEYOND paper-thin apologies, and for James Comey to be held … [Read More...]

cum tacent

When they are silent, they shout

On display NOW at the Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library (building #2).  Click here for a downloadable campus map. The emotional traveling exhibition from the Institute of National Remembrance of … [Read More...]


The AJC Global Diplomatic Seder: a Standard of Togetherness

Have YOU ever found the afikoman at a Seder?  Polish Mission Director Marcin Chumiecki was blessed with it three years in row, having uncovered the ceremonial treat at the Detroit American Jewish … [Read More...]


Thank you for helping us remember St. John Paul II, the “Polish Pope”

"Fill Orchard Lake to capacity; sustain Orchard Lake; we need Orchard Lake” (during a private audience at the Vatican, October 26, 1978). Cardinal Karol Wojtya wanted the mission of the Orchard … [Read More...]


Cool Jazzy nights in Poland for OLSM

The Polish Mission is proud to have joined forces in a  big way with OLSM (Orchard Lake St. Mary's) Director of Bands Joshua James to arrange a comprehensive musical and cultural exchange program with … [Read More...]