A Reunion from Balachadi

The experience of Poles during WWII is wrought with tragedy, but in some cases, stories from that era can take one on an unexpected happy journey.  The many displaced persons (DPs) resulting from the Nazi and Soviet invasions of Poland wound up in a variety of places , and one of them was in Balachadi, India.  Balachadi was the site of a massive orphanage, where Polish children found love and togetherness far away from their homeland.  The Polish Mission was very happy to be the hosting institution for the reunion of Poles from Balachadi just last weekend.  Thanks to the great efforts of Mr. Joe Long, more than 40 people were in attendance.  Several “orphans” hadn’t seen each other since 1945, others shared old stories with their great friends, and even others reminisced about their experiences in Orchard Lake, after The Orchard Lake Schools sponsored the new start to their lives here in America following WWII.

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