Back from Wisconsin!

Marcin and JJ just returned from Egg Harbor Wisconsin and the NMDA / NAS conference.  It’s a conference of Polish and Polish-American doctors and lawyers held annually, and if you’re wondering why we go, I can tell you it’s not because Marcin or JJ have law degrees.

Our association with the NMDA / NAS goes back a few years.  The late Dr. Edward Wikiera was a member of that organization, and it was through Orchard Lake’s involvement with them that he came to be remembered as our greatest benefactor.  Thanks to Orchard Lake’s long-standing involvement as chaplains to the group, and Dr. Wikiera’s donation, Marcin and I along with Polish Mission team members, are happy to travel to the annual conferences to offer special presentations on recent activities, highlight recent accomplishments, and give the members of the NMDA / NAS a rich experience from the front line of Polish culture and heritage.

This year, the NMDA / NAS received a very special presentation, unlike any others.  A selection of the Forbidden Art exhibition, which has traveled across the United States through our exclusive partnership with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, was brought by us for a special one-day viewing for the conference attendees.  The panels traveled over land, and even on board the SS Badger, the last commercial coal-fired ship operating in America, over lake Michigan, for the occasion,  We’re glad that the NMDA / NAS had the opportunity to enjoy a sample of Forbidden Art, along with our presentations.

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