At the Gates of Torun!

Later that night… At about 7:00 pm we arrived at Grebocin, within the district of the city of Torun! And we are TIRED after the 3-hour drive from Czestochowa. But it wasn’t so bad since we rode on a brand new highway. So new in fact, that it didn’t even appear on our Tom-Tom! Luckily […]

Visiting Madonna

What can one say after visiting the Shrine of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa? We’re on the road to Grebocin now and we couldn’t pass Czestochowa without stopping to pay our respects, and have a bite for lunch. Czestochowa, pronounced “chen-sto-hova,” is a must-see. Many are familiar with the famous Black Madonna icon, and even […]

Busy Day…!

Today was BUSY.  Up at crack of 8 am, we had but few precious minutes to spare before we hopped in our PM super-van and headed out for the day.  The first stop was the Stanislawa Moniuszki National Music academy in Bielsko-Biala.  Our team met with Barbara Cybulska-Konsek and the team there to go over […]

The Royal City

It’s September first. 77 years ago today Nazi Germany invaded Poland, stating World War Two. Thus began years of brutal terror in Poland. Remember those who fought back today. Soon the Polish Mission team will be in Westerplatte to lay a wreath in memory of the fallen, on behalf of our community of veterans in Michigan. […]

Czech-stop. Ha.

After a day of traveling around a bit, and spending some quality time with Fr. Stan, the early evening has led us here to the Czech Republic.  I can’t really say anything negative about Restaurant Dzik, just over the river in Ciesyn.  The Radegast beer was tasty, even with the shot of minty green Pemper […]

Getting Lost in History

Later on…   It’s not every day that one gets to handle an original 16th century long-sword attributed to the order of the Teutonic Knights. Though the question of whether or not that’s a charming local custom in these parts remains yet unknown, I’m certainly glad it happened. Right after breakfast our team hopped into […]

Good Morning, Poland!

Good morning!  It’s day two, and the team is just getting up early for a head start.  I cant’ speak for anyone else, but yours truly had had an excellent night rest here in Bielsko-Biala.  Trying to sleep no the plane over was more like an exercise in contortion, so we’re glad to finally get […]

Hitting The Road

Would it be too cliche if I said “the boys are back in town?” Yes?  Well, please accept my moderately sincere apologies in light of the fact that…we’re here!  The Polish Mission team has safely landed in Krakow, Poland after a layover in Frankfurt. You guessed it: You’ve reached the home of my day by […]

Downtown Outreach

Altruism: the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-bring of others. The application of such a notion in our world today instantly causes one to remember tragic moments of the past.  The most recognizable memories are those that cut the deepest into our lives, making a stark contrast with something […]

Rebuilding our past

The Polish Mission Honors the 72nd Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising “Tense” couldn’t begin to describe the moments in that late afternoon on August 1.  It was 1944 and for the residents of Warsaw, every tick of the clock struck like hammer in anticipation of what was to happen.  For almost five years Warsaw had […]