“Chlopcy z Polski” and the Knights of Dąbrowski


We are updating the history of the young men who came to Orchard Lake Schools after World War II. They were Catholic children in exile and sent to the Soviet “gulag”, some with their mothers and siblings, many becoming orphans by the end of the war. The boys were originally known as “Chlopcy z Polski” and composed of the boys who sailed aboard the General M.B. Stewart arriving at the port of New York 24 Nov 1945.
Many settled in metro Detroit, some  in Chicago. We have invited the men and their families to the 1 September 1939 Commemoration to be held at OLS on the weekend of 4-6 September, 2009.  Please help us spread the word and contact their families.

The introduction of their book “Nasza Droga” states:

The Knights of  Dąbrowski are an outgrowth of the Boys from Poland Fraternity founded in 1945.  Displaced by World War II from their homeland to the U.S.S.R. and Germany, and thence to the Near East, India, Pakistan, Great Britain, Mexico, Iceland, France and Italy, they were brought to the Orchard Lake Schools in preparation for life.They banded into a dynamic group to promote the interests and ideals of Father Dąbrowski. After two decades of purposeful activities, they decided to expand their original organization under the name- “The KNIGHTS Of DĄBROWSKI.

The KNIGHTS OF DĄBROWSKI (incomplete list)

  • Baczynski, Kazimierz
  • Baniowski, Jozef
  • Baranowski, Julian
  • Bobrowski, Kazimierz
  • Borkowski, Piotr
  • Derecki, Jan Andrzej
  • Dubis, Marian
  • Glejf, Robert
  • Golebiowski, Alfred
  • Goleniewski, Ryszard
  • Jablonski, Julian
  • Jeziorski, Zygmunt
  • Kaminski, Mieczyslaw
  • Kamotowski,Tadeusz
  • Kataj, Tadeusz
  • Krolik, Hilary
  • Kus,Mieczyslaw
  • Kwiatkowski,Kazimierz
  • Lichodziejewski, Czeslaw
  • Maksymow, Jozef
  • Nagrocki,Waclaw
  • Piekarski, Stanislaw
  • Rekawek,Janusz
  • Skowronski, Kazimierz
  • Sukiennik, Mieczyslaw
  • Swastek, Fraciszek
  • Tubielewicz, Boguslaw
  • Volzynski, Jozef
  • Wajda, Edward
  • Walawender, Antoni
  • Witaszek, Zdzislaw
  • Wlodkowski, Stanislaw
  • Kaczmarczyk, Bronislaw
  • Kutiuk, Kazimierz
  • Malarz, Antoni Maziarz
  • Czeslaw, Zarczynski
  • Roman, Ciaston
  • Leopold, Kasprzak
  • Antoni, Dzendrowski
  • Piotr, Przybylski
  • Marian, Dubiel
  • Ryszard, Kaminski
  • Pienta, (W)Ladislaus A.