Congrats to you!

Big news indeed!  Our Very own PARI director Ceil Wendt Jensen, and Orchard Lake Schools Regent Joe Drobot have been recently honored with the Pulaski Award!  The Pulaski award is awarded by the Polish American Central Citizens Committee at its annual Pulaski Day Awards Banquet at the Polish National Alliance Banquet Facilities in Hamtramck.  Ceil Wendt Jensen’s work at the PARI Genealogy center here at The Polish Mission has been a model of cultural engagement and genealogical research, and Joe Drobot has ever been a tireless advocate and invaluable adviser to us since day one.  Congrats all around!

Pulaski award photo


From left, Polish Mission board member Bob Bielinda, Bernadette Drobot, Donna Barrett, Dr. Hal Learman, Joan Lamport , Evelyn Bachorski-Bowman, Ceil Wendt Jensen, Chuck Pokriefka, Jim Jensen, Mary Ellen Tyszka, Orchard Lake Schools Regent Joe Drobot, and Orchard Lake Schools Regent and Polish Mission Board Member Paul Odrobina.

Snapshots here!

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