Genealogy Roadshow – PBS at The Polish Mission

The Polish Mission / PARI has been busy this summer contributing to the new PBS series “Genealogy Roadshow”. Our collaboration began with meeting  the research team at the National Genealogical Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were searching for family history stories from Metro Detroit, and our story features the Polish history of the Mission’s supporter Eugenia Gorecki.

The filming began on campus July 8, with our resident professional  genealogist, Ceil Wendt Jensen. Ceil spoke about the history of Polish immigration and the suffering and strength of Poles during World War II.

On Sunday, July 14, the Polish Mission participated in the final filming  segment in Detroit for PBS’s new program “Genealogy Roadshow”. Our campus Falcons Collection, Survivors Collection, and Panorama are all part of the filming. Our “star” is Genia Brońka Gorecki, who’s family story begins with immigration to Detroit in 1907. The family returned to Poland in the 1920s only to suffer during WWII. Genia arrival in Detroit in 1959 is highlighted by her position in the vanguard of female engineers at Ford Motor Company. Her mystery is to find out what caused her young father’s death in October, 1942.

Attached are photos from the shoots.  Ceil Wendt Jensen and Dr. Hal Learman were present as professional genealogists to answer audience questions.  They were accompanied by PARI volunteer Dana Barrett. The filming took place at a mansion in Indian Village. The photo captures Genia with her new collection of books we obtained from Poland. We located the history of the Sokół of Wadowice, the nest her parents belonged. We solved the mystery of where he received his education-in Bielsko-Biala, not Warsaw, as the family believed. And, we also presented her with the history and biographies of those buried in the Wadowice Cemetery, where her parents are buried.


The program series will air this October, following Antiques Roadshow, on Monday evenings.

“WTVS Detroit Public Television (DPTV) is the non-commercial, viewer supported PBS-member station watched by more than 1.5 million people per week in Detroit and Southeast Michigan and another 1.2 million people per week throughout Canada via cable and satellite.”


  1. Ruthie Rosenberg says:

    This message is for Ceil Jensen. “Keep up the good work, Ceil. I just saw your show “Our Polish Story” on PBS last night and it was great. Thanks for all the wonderful work you and your staff do.

  2. The Brown Bulletins have been an absolute trarsuee. I have learned many very interesting things about both my grandfather, Jesse James Tellington (Donahue) and his father Frank Donahue. I would like to find out more about them and their families, vital statistics and home address and anything else.

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