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polska-szkolaPolish School offers Polish language classes with elements of Polish history and geography for children ages 4-15. Curriculum also includes teaching about Polish culture and customs. Additionally, Polish School offers religious education classes taught by Polish clerics of Orchard Lake Seminary. Besides learning the Polish language, students are involved in various performances (Christmas play, Christmas carols singing), ceremony of May 3 and also art and declamatory contests.

We would like to encourage children and their parents to take active role in the Polish School’s life. Additionally, Polish School offers the Polish language classes for adults. Please call 248 366 8728 or 586 242 2077 for more information.

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Polish School News

Folk Dancing? You betcha.

The Polish Folk Dance Festival took a place at the American Polish Cultural Center on Saturday, February 11, 2017, celebrating its 10th anniversary. The Polish Mission was a proud sponsor of this … [Read More...]

Advancing Our Language

As many of you know our Polish Language Coordinator Marzanna Owinski has recently returned for a business trip to Boston for the national convention of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign … [Read More...]

Full House for Constitution Day at The Polish Mission!

The Polish Mission Hosts Constitution Day Celebration with Polish-American Congress Colleagues In our modern world, with all of its fast-paced dynamism, if people create something that has … [Read More...]

Join us for the Annual Polish Constitution Day Celebration!

Welcome to the homepage for the 2016 Polish Constitution Day Celebration at The Polish Mission!  This is where you will be able to find the most up-to-date information for all the event … [Read More...]

Papal Photographer Arturo Mari Visits The Polish Mission

On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, we were most honored to host Mr. Arturo Mari, papal photographer, at our Orchard Lake campus for the afternoon.  He toured southeastern Michigan over the weekend speaking at … [Read More...]

1,050 Years of Christianity in Poland

2016 marks an important year for Poles, as we commemorate 1,050 years of Christianity.  It was in 966 the Duke Mieszko was baptized, ushering in a millennium of Christ-centered rule.  Join the Orchard … [Read More...]

76th Annual Global Language Oratorical sees two Polish Language Students take prize

Native English speakers broaden their cultural horizons and strengthen language skills The Polish Mission-sponsored Polish language classes entered three students into a longstanding tradition … [Read More...]

A Children’s Celebration

The Children of the Fr. Dabrowski Polish Language School are excited to see the hero of their parents become a Saint!  See the flyer below for all information regarding the children's celebration of … [Read More...]

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