Lunch with our Heroes!

vets luncheon

On Friday July 1st, it was our honor to attend a very special luncheon.  Meeting dignitaries and other professionals is something we do on a pretty regular basis–if you’ve ever tried to get a hold of us, you already know how nuts our schedule can be.  Any given day you can find us all over metro Detroit working for Polish culture.  But this was different.  Few places have the honor of hosting such a heroic group as the party with whom we had the privilege of dining, but the Polish Cultural Center in Troy pulled out all the stops to host the monthly luncheon of the Polish military veterans!  Invited by Mrs. Halina Konwiac, Marcin and JJ unveiled the brand new storyboards hot off the press for the Polish Mission’s Home Army museum.  Alongside a display of artifacts, Marcin and JJ brought good news of JJ’s museum outreach to Buffalo, and updates on the 2nd Corps museum renovation project!  It was a warm crowd of about 20 men and women, most all of whom had a direct hand in the war that so distinctly shaped the world we live in today.  Whether they were fighting in the Polish Home Army like Mrs. Halina Konwiac or Mr. Julius F. Przesmycki, supporting the Polish 2nd Corps on the front lines like Mrs. Halina Zmurkewicz, or putting their lives in extreme danger for the cause of Polish freedom 70 years ago, they are true heroes of the modern day, whom it’s the Polish MIssion’s honor to support in every way we can.