Outreach Continues @ Wayne

Head of Collections Elzbieta Cajzer addresses students – new photos online now!

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Following an immensely successful run at the Polish Mission at Orchard Lake Schools, the Forbidden Art exhibition makes the first stop on it’s national tour that will cross the United States from New York to Los Angeles.  Polish Mission Director Marcin Chumiecki said the following: “We are very pleased and grateful that the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum has partnered with us to bring this exhibit to the United States for the first time, giving us an extraordinary opportunity to educate so many people about Polish history” He continued: “This also demonstrates the Polish Mission’s world stature as a ‘living, 21st-century’ center for Polish culture.  The Orchard Lake community truly welcomed Forbidden Art with open arms when it first arrived in the US.” Following careful handling and transportation by project manager JJ Przewozniak, the exhibition panels entered the historic St. Andrew’s Hall on the Campus of Wayne State University, on Tuesday, September 4th.  According to Przewozniak, “This extremely important display of artwork raises important conversation about Auschwitz.  The beauty of the artwork is a stark contrast to the horror of the camp experience; it’s a vivid and articulate testimony to tragic past.”

Chumiecki and Przewozniak returned the following day to arrange the elegantly stark panels and ensure that the fine details were in place for a VIP gala premier on Thursday the 5th.  Organized by Mike Smith of the Walter Reuther Library, that evening brought some of Detroit’s most notable figures and a large number of WSU department heads out for an evening of reverence and conversation.  The guest list included WSU Board of Governors representative Eugene Driker, WSU Distinguished professor emeritus Guy Stern, University Provost Ron Brown, Holocaust Memorial Center executive director Stephen Goldman, The Jewish News Executive Editor Arthur Horwitz, and WSU Dean of Fine arts and Communications Matthew Seeger.  After a round of speeches, guests mingled over elegant hors d’oeuvres as the exhibition space remained open to the WSU community until 8 pm.  On Thursday September 13th, Ms. Elzbieta Cajzer, Head of Collections at A-BSM, will deliver a much-anticipated lecture at the exhibition space to the WSU students, and host a question-and-answer session afterward.

Built in 1902, St Andrew’s Hall is the oldest building on campus, and was once an active Episcopalian church.  It has been part of the WSU campus since 1961, where to this day it is used as a concert hall, event center, and lecture space.  It’s perpendicular gothic style is reminiscent of fifteenth-century English churches, and lends itself especially well to the artful and striking atmosphere created by the Forbidden Art panels.