Polish Language Classes at PARI

Adult Polish Language Classes at PARI
The Polish Mission at Orchard Lake Schools, Michigan is pleased to announce a new Polish language series. The instructor is Sylwia Chandzel, a Polish native speaker, and a graduate from University of Warsaw with a M.A. in Russian Philology. Sylwia is an exceptionally knowledgeable, creative and innovative teacher, with more than eight years of experience teaching Polish as a second language. She also provides translator services at PARI. Classes run for eight weeks, starting Saturday, January 21, 2012. Held from 10am-12pm, classes will be held on campus in the Fr. Andrew Wotta Center, in the PARI research room. For more information please contact:

PARI Director Ceil Wendt Jensen cjensen@orchardlakeschools.com

PARI phone: 248-683-0323 or Sylwia Chandzel at: polrustrans@gmail.com