Polish Language School


The Father Joseph Dabrowski Polish Language School for children opened on February 7th. 1993. Msgr. Stanley Milewski, Chancellor of Orchard Lake Schools at that time created a Polish School for children to exist along with the Seminary, College and High School.

The Father Joseph Dąbrowski Polish Language School for children is located in the Orchard Lake, MI on the campus of Orchard Lake Schools.

The principal goal of the program is study of Polish language, history,and geography of Poland as well as Polish culture and traditions. Since the beginning of the school’s existence students have performed in artistic programs during the May 3rd Constitution celebration at Orchard Lake.
The students also showcase their skills at others events, at the Chancellor’s Christmas Concert, or meeting with Saint Nicolas on the first Sunday of December.
Additionally, students participate in the Polish Language Competition, where they succeed in winning multiple awards and honors. At this completion, the students proudly represent the Orchard Lake Schools.

The School also offers religious instruction in catechism by clerics from The SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary .
One of the first events of the year 2008 was the Celebration of First Holy Communion in the Seminary Chapel. Seven students were prepared by Seminarians under the direction of Fr. Sławomir Jakubiec – SSCMC spiritual Director.

Classes are held on every Friday evenings from 5:30 to 8:30 for children ages four to eighteen.


  • Urszula Mackiewicz
  • Joanna Olejniczak-Caushaj
  • Grażyna Stankowska
  • Joanna Trojanowska-Lukasik


  • Eugenia Gorecki

For more information about the school please contact Urszula Mackiewicz at 248-953-8648

Address: 3535 Indian Trail, Orchard Lake, MI 48324