Polish Mission Attends National Prayer Breakfast

Marcin Dodges Snowstorm to Promote World Peace in Washington


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Captain USN Mark Kelly and Marcin Chumiecki (View Gallery)

As we shovel our way out from under our somewhat less-than-epic snowdrifts, our director Marcin is in Washington DC, at the 59th annual National Prayer Breakfast!  The Breakfast has long been a tradition where cultural and religious leaders from across the country meet and mingle in prayerful fellowship.  Hosted by congress, the event draws over 3,000 guests, specially invited to form bridges across our richly diverse faith landscape.  This is great news for Polonia as Marcin promotes an energetic and strong culture amidst the country’s top religious and cultural leaders.  Check back for more updates and photos from this new landmark for The Polish Mission!  As soon as Marcin gets back we hit the road running as the Polish Mission prepares for a full year of events!