The Polish Mission / PARI attends FGS 2013 Conference

The Polish Mission and the Polonica Americana Research Institute (PARI) had an outreach booth for “Journey Through Generations” at the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference. It was held at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, August 21-24, located next to the  nation’s second largest Genealogical library. The Polish Mission / PARI booth was located in  the large exhibit hall, where we met  with genealogists and family historians, as well as leaders in the genealogical field. It was an opportunity to sell our books, sign up Friends of the Polish Mission, and advertise our newest project, hosting the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) on campus, August 3-8, 2014.

Genealogy Roadshow

GRIP announced today that GRIP ON THE ROAD will be held August 3-8, 2014, in Orchard Lake, Michigan, near Detroit, on the campus of the Orchard Lake Schools. GRIP is proud to have been invited to take “GRIP on the Road” and conduct an institute in conjunction with PARI (Polonica Americana Research Institute) located on the beautiful campus of the Polish Mission in Orchard Lake, just north of Detroit. This additional opportunity will make this type of education available to a wider audience. 

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