The Roman Triptych Project by Placido Domingo

Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II Photo Archive

Karol Wojtyla, Orchard Lake Schools 1976

Placido Domingo, Stefano Tamaselli, Marcin Chumiecki and Mike Smith

From left: Mike Smith, Tiffany Wright, Stefano Tomaselli, Placido Domingo Jr. and Marcin Chumiecki

The “Roman Triptych – Meditations” is a set of Poems widely regarded as Pope John Paul II last testament and were written and published during his Pontificate. These Poems show the soul of the Pope in an artistic way offering a deep mediation on the meaning of life.

The Poems, while both Poetry and spiritual meditation will now make beautiful music. The renowned and undisputed number one tenor in the world Plácido Domingo will sing the Words of the Pope in the upcoming album “Roman Triptych”. His Eminence, in a private audience granted to Plácido Domingo, personally expressed his wishes that his poems be put to music and that Maestro Domingo perform them. Profoundly honored and moved by the request made by His Holiness so close to his passing, Maestro Domingo, promised to uphold the Pope’s desire.

Pope John Paul II’s wish is being realized this, the year of his canonization process. The album “Roman Triptych” is a major new musical composition and will be directed by Maestro Domingo with Stefano Tomaselli as Executive Producer and Plácido Domingo Jr. as Music Producer.

Stefano Tomaselli, Lech Walesa, Marcin ChumieckiStefano Tomaselli, the Executive Producer and Composer for the “Roman Triptych” proudly announces, “This project is 5 years in the making and will be worth the wait. It is monumental for all of us who love His Holiness; and the union with the Maestro – well, it is simply miraculous.”

The setting of the poems to music has been entrusted to Plácido’s son, Plácido Domingo Jr., Stefano Tomaselli, Jorge Calandrelli and Victor Vanacore. These composers have been engaged to compose the music for the “Roman Triptych” in a classical-Romantic style featuring full symphonic orchestra, chorus and solo tenor.

Plácido Domingo recently released album “Amore Infinito”, has been on the Billboard top 20 since it was released in 2008 and it also includes John Paul II poetry; “however,” says Plácido Domingo Jr., “the “Roman Triptych” are such a beautiful collection of the Pope’s Poetry they must be manifested musically.”

The purpose of the music is to advance and appreciate the Poems of his Holiness Pope John Paul II. The music will extend his message of beauty and spirituality by transmitting it to a broader audience in accordance with his wishes.

Marcin Chumiecki, Director of the Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools smiles lovingly as he tells the story of how Karol Wojtyla baptized him as a baby in his native Poland. “He was certainly the most beloved man of all time.” The Polish Missions has not only given their active approval but their support and backing through their extensive network in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Mr. Chumiecki is working exclusively with Mr. Tomaselli to advance and promote the project throughout the Polish community, worldwide. “The Pope and Plácido is a harmony that will unite the young and old; the secular and the religious throughout the world. Everyone wants to be close to our missed beloved Pope and now we can hear him through the most beautiful voice of Plácido Domingo.”

By Tiffany Wright, Ph.D.

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