The Woman Behind the Art

We would like to welcome the Woman Behind the Art in our own Polish Mission Galeria, Anya Kozlowski, a Michigan-based Polish American artist.  Call (248) 738-6720 to make an appointment to come to the Galeria from November 9 through December 20 for a special exhibition by Anya.  The show in the Galeria is a unique collection of over 80 original artworks, inspired by the Baltic Sea and the majestic spirit of Gdynia. Anya’s artistic technique has developed since her youth, resulting in a unique, entirely one-of-a-kind approach incorporating acrylics, glazes, metallics, waxes, and textures.  She says that her art is “A good way to put myself in another dimension, apart from the harsh lines of everyday living.”  Her work here in The Orchard Lake Galeria highlights her inspiration to paint; you can see in the horizons depicted in them, all the elements that make up what it means to be human.  For more information, please visit

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