76th Annual Global Language Oratorical sees two Polish Language Students take prize

Native English speakers broaden their cultural horizons and strengthen language skills


The Polish Mission-sponsored Polish language classes entered three students into a longstanding tradition at St. Mary’s Preparatory in Orchard Lake, Mich.

On March 15, the entire student body gathered in the Our Lady of Orchard Lake Shrine Chapel to listen to their classmates present poems and recitations in Polish, Spanish, French and Chinese.  There were two judges for each language section.

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The Director of The Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools, Marcin Chumiecki, participated as one of two judges evaluating the Polish language section.

“I truly felt so proud to see our students stretching their minds by memorizing and reciting in languages foreign to them.  I was especially overjoyed to see our Polish language as part of this competition,” said Chumiecki.

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“It is important to our Polish “mission” that we carry on the traditions of our heritage and passing this language to the next generation helps us fulfill that mission. It is through the hard work of the Polish Mission that Polish language classes have been resurrected at the high school level.”

The three students from St. Mary’s that competed in the Polish language category were Alexander Borowski, Ian Rush and Allen Willman.  Their teacher in the Global Languages Department, Marzanna Owinski, not only teaches Polish at the high school level for St. Mary’s Preparatory, but also at the Polska Szkoła of The Polish Mission.

During the oratorical, the students presented the following literary excerpts:

  •         Alexander Borowski – Zwyczany/Ordinary by Ksiądz/Father Jan Twardowski
  •         Ian Rush – Koło Domu/Near the House by Ksiądz/Father Jan Twardowski
  •         Allen Willman – Śpieszmy się kochać ludzi/Let’s Hurry to Love People by Ksiądz/Father Jan Twardowski

While all the young men spoke well, there were only two prizes awarded in each category.  For our Polish language, Alexander Borowski and Allen Willman walked away with first and second place, respectively.  Judges Chumiecki and Regina Borowicz (St. Mary’s Bookstore Manager, and native Polish speaker), expressed their congratulations on a job well done to all 33 young men, but especially the Polish language students, encouraging them continue their studies.