A Memorial Day Moment

usflagPlease take a moment to remember with gratitude the thousands upon thousands of men and women who have given their lives to defending the freedom we enjoy each and every day of our lives in this great country.  It’s not much to ask that we come together in gratitude for the sacrifice they made in giving their lives to protect and ensure this freedom. Make a special effort today to keep these stewards of our freedom in your thoughts and prayers.

For memorial day weekend, JJ takes a break from Polish Mission to manage a very special program at The Henry Ford, our own local gem and America’s benchmark history attraction.  This weekend, Greenfield Village gets invaded by the armies as the Civil War Remembnrance event kicks off the summer season.  It’s a giant program that chock full of both ceremony and tradition, as well as exciting and fun activities for the entire family.  You could find JJ at the Village Green, where he was busy training young recruits for the army, but only after they signed their enlistment papers, passed a physical examination, and were given their bounty money.  Carrying wooden muskets, young recruits learned what it was like to march like soldiers, why armies fought in elbow-to-elbow formations, and how to perform the manual of arms before a supportive crowd of moms and dads.

jj przewozniak civil war small

The success of any historical project lies in its ability to reach young people. Those young minds will soon be the new generation of teachers and educators, so making the most impact on the world depends on inspiring them with stories from the past.  This is a theme that both The Henry Ford and we here at the Polish Mission have embraced, and we’re proud and excited to welcome new generations of people to learn more about our treasured Polish and Polish-American story.  Make sure to check out more photos.  Happy memorial day!