Marcin Chumiecki

Marcin Chumiecki


Marcin Chumiecki has worked tirelessly to promote The Polish Mission and was instrumental in the reinvention and establishment of the Polish Mission in its modern-day from at the Orchard Lake Schools.  While the mission is steeped in U.S. history at the Orchard Lake Schools dating back to its founding in 1885, it was not until 2007 that The Polish Mission was formally established as a separate non-profit entity on the historic campus dedicated to Catholic faith, education, and Polish culture.

To speak of the reason and purpose of The Polish Mission is to understand the personal mission of Mr. Chumiecki: “…to preserve and promote Polish and Polish-American culture, tradition, and history for present and future generations.”

Under the leadership of Mr Chumiecki, the passion of all things Polish is brought to visitors to the historic Orchard Lake campus.  Further, Chumiecki serves as an ambassador of the Polish Mission to leading cultural, political, and economic institutions and events in the United States and around the World.  In just a few short years, Chumiecki has established a renown genealogy center at The Polish Mission where hundreds of families have been able to research their ancestry and reach into the past to rediscover their Polish heritage.  In addition, Chumiecki has modernized the Polish rare book room and art galleria into cutting-edge departments wherein treasured priceless artifacts can be both preserved and also conveniently accessed by researchers.

Chumiecki has boldly embraced the global cultural community in a prestigious network of leading cultural organizations and leaders, which allows him to host stellar events and honored guests.  A sampling if his accomplishments include:

  • Hosting former President of Poland and Nobel Laureate Lech Walesa for the opening of Wayne State University’s Solidarity exhibition
  • Achieving exclusive North American Partnership with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, and orchestrated a nation-wide tour of the 3000kg Forbidden Art exhibition
  • Acquiring the Dispersed Poland exhibition from the National Library of Poland for display at the Orchard Lake Schools
  • Establishing a support network within the Polish Government Ministry of Culture, to financially expedite development of The Polish Mission’s collections and programs
  • Erecting the first memorial monument in the United States commemorating the memory of both the Katyn Forest massacres of 1940 and the tragedy at Smolensk, in cooperation with renown Polish sculptor Jan Siuta
  • Hosting NYT Best-Selling author and award-winning journalist Rita Cosby
  • Hosting globally renown musicians, artists, and filmmakers such as Claire Huangci, Marian Sobula, Liliana Krynska, Phillippe Lauri, and Anna Ferens for exclusive events at the Orchard Lake campus

While Chumiecki has met with hundreds of US and world leaders, he remains humbly dedicated and passionately focused on the “mission” of The Polish Mission.  He has a broad vision for the Polish Mission as the center for Polish Culture not only in southeast Michigan, but the leading such center in the United States.

Chumiecki’s work has been an unending aggressive program to catalog, preserve, and protect literally tens of thousands of historic Polish treasures, and to build an equally aggressive educational campaign that promotes modern Poland in America today.