The Thrill of Theatre…

As you may know, operating in the world of theater is new territory for us here at The Polish Mission.  That said, we’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to make our way into the world of artistic performance as of late.  Thanks in huge part to the efforts of Mrs. Halina Malinski, most recently we were able to host a lovely, intimate event here on campus with Magdalena Cwenowna Hanuszkiewicz on June 29.  Magdalena’s late husband was the great Adam Hanuszkiewicz (1924-2011), whose name and reputation are known worldwide, and celebrated throughout Poland (read more about him here).  Together, Adam and Magdalena were responsible for leading the evolution of the fine art of acting, by challenging paradigms, and with masterful talents, execute breathtaking performances that remain hallmarks of Polish theatre to this day.  Our event was a video screening of the play “Fuga,” with an introduction and commentary by Magdalena.  Fuga was the last play directed by Adam Hansuzkiewicz, and watching him and Magdalena together brought many in our audience to tears.

Following the screening, an evening of delight was only beginning.  Magdalena and our guests mingled and conversed for hours afterward, enjoying our signature hors d’oeuvre, while Independence Day fireworks lit up the sky over Orchard Lake.

Thanks so much to the talented chefs at AVI, OLS Events Coordinator Kelley Stramaglia, and especially to Ms. Cwenowna Hanuszkiewicz and Ms. Halina Malinski, for making our event truly wonderful for our audience–we’re looking forward to the next time.

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