Arrived to Lichen

9-lichenWe made it to Lichen!  (Pronounced “lee-hayne”)

Whilst swerving around wild loose moose and ducking under the occasional Polish artillery round flying overhead, we made it to our destination. If you believe that, I may a have a bridge to sell you, but we did have to travel through a Polish army firing range, and the wild loose moose warning signs abounded. Thank goodness we emerged from the narrow forest road unscathed.

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The shrine there in Lichen will certainly change your definition of words like massive, extravagance, and peacefulness. My pithy prose personifies only the most persnickety points of my personal panorama–essentially, I can’t begin to describe the gigantic minor basilica, which traces its origins to 1813, and is currently the largest church in Poland.

We went inside for a few minutes to snap down photos for our collection to share here, but now its time to get back on the road! We have another meeting with Dr. Subocz tonight in Torun before we make the long haul to Gdansk.