Copper Country Evening News : Polish Residents Celebrated Last Saturday

Copper Country Evening News30 November 1896 Polish Residents Celebrated Last Saturday The Sixty-Sixth Anniversary Yesterday was the 66th anniversary of the uprising of the Poles and although the uprising was unsuccessful the Poles look upon the day with reverence and respect. Saturday the Poles of this city, under the direction of the Polish Hussars, had […]

The other Baranowski family (Atwood)

There was another Baranowski family who came to settle in the Calumet area during the late 1800s. It is not known whether or not there was a family connection, although their names often appear in each other’s records. For example, Stephan and Apolonia were listed as sponsors on the christening records of two different children […]

Kathy Atwood’s Szatkowski Family

The Szatkowski Family Another line of our Polish family came to America about ten years before Stephan Baranowski. Tomasz Szatkowski and his family lived in Radzewo, Poznan, Poland. It is a small village near Srem on the map. He came to the US first on 23 October 1872, sailing from Hamburg to New York aboard […]

Kathy Atwood’s Baranowski Families

The Baranowski FamiliesKathy is looking for the Baranowski ancestral village Stephan Baranowski was born in Poznan, Poland on 2 September 1855. His father’s name may have been ‘Andrzy’ or ‘Andrej’, or in German as ‘Andreas’ Baranowski. Among the marriage records of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Calumet, Michigan is one for Stephan and on it, […]

Born in Mieczewo, Srem, Posen

Joseph Martin first posted this message online Aug, 2004. In my family research I have traced 30 people who were born in Mieczewo, Srem, Posen, and who immigrated and lived in Michigan. [Date of birth in brackets](1) Nicholas KAPTUR [1 Sep 1861] married (2) Marcyanna SKIBINSKA [22 Jan 1862] on 20 Feb 1887 in Bnin, […]

Parafia św. Wojciecha, Bnin, Schrimm, Posen

Photo from the collection of Ania Błaszkowiak in Kórnik, Poland. Ancestral parish for many miners Many of the early Polish miners in Calumet were baptised and wed at the Roman Catholic parish of Parafia św. Wojciecha in Bnin, Schrimm, Posen. The following villages were part of the parish: Dolskiem, Czmon, Konarskie, Mieczewo, Prusinowo, Radzewo. German […]

Saint John Polish Miners’ Society

Articles of Associationof theSaint John Polish Miners’ SocietyDocument research by Ceil Wendt Jensen atMichigan Technological University Transcribed by Joseph Martin We, the undersigned residents of the Township of Adams in the County of Houghton and State of Michigan, desiring to become incorporated under Act number 104 of the Session Laws of the State of Michigan […]

St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church,1882

Photo by Ceil Wendt JensenTranscribed by Joseph Martin In 1872 there were only four Polish families and a few single men in Calumet. Total strangers among the other nationalities they naturally sought their own company. Father Jacker was then pastor at the Sacred Heart and in him they found a great friend and protector. He […]

Polish Benevolent Society of Hussars

Articles of Association of thePolish Benevolent Society of HussarsOf John Sobieski the Third of CalumetPhoto by Ceil Wendt Jensen taken at MTUTranscribed by Joseph Martin The following Articles of association have been agreed to and accepted at Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan on the 27th day of October A. D. 1887. Article 1stThe following persons residing […]

Polish Catholic Sw: Wojciecha Biskupa i Mecz St. Alberty

Polish Catholic Society – Calumet Document research by Ceil Wendt Jensen at Michigan Technological UniversityTranscribed by Joseph Martin Articles of association of the Polish Catholic Sw: Wojciecha Biskupa i Mecz St. Alberty Bishop and Martyr, Benevolent Society of Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan. The following articles of association have been agreed to and accepted at Calumet, […]