St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church,1882

Photo by Ceil Wendt JensenTranscribed by Joseph Martin In 1872 there were only four Polish families and a few single men in Calumet. Total strangers among the other nationalities they naturally sought their own company. Father Jacker was then pastor at the Sacred Heart and in him they found a great friend and protector. He […]

Polish Benevolent Society of Hussars

Articles of Association of thePolish Benevolent Society of HussarsOf John Sobieski the Third of CalumetPhoto by Ceil Wendt Jensen taken at MTUTranscribed by Joseph Martin The following Articles of association have been agreed to and accepted at Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan on the 27th day of October A. D. 1887. Article 1stThe following persons residing […]

Polish Catholic Sw: Wojciecha Biskupa i Mecz St. Alberty

Polish Catholic Society – Calumet Document research by Ceil Wendt Jensen at Michigan Technological UniversityTranscribed by Joseph Martin Articles of association of the Polish Catholic Sw: Wojciecha Biskupa i Mecz St. Alberty Bishop and Martyr, Benevolent Society of Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan. The following articles of association have been agreed to and accepted at Calumet, […]

Parisville, Michigan: First Polish Community in USAby Arthur A. WagnerOctober 3, 2002 Which was the first Polish settlement in the U.S., Panna Maria, Texas, or Parisville, Michigan? That is a thorny question because their founding was almost simultaneous.The late Harry Milostan, a Mt. Clemens attorney, made it one of his life goals to establish that […]

Unknown gent with Walter Piwowarski

Pol-Am Studio Photos

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Better link to Diane’s letter

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“was moved to tears “

Read Diane Delaney Open Letter to Keith Famie on the Detroit News website.Click on Diane Delaney

Famie’s Emmy

The Detroit Free Press reports Keith Famie won an Emmy yesterday for “Our Italian Story”.Congratulations. And let’s hope for a nomination and an Emmy in 2008 for “Our Polish Story”!