The Capitol City!

Ah, it’s good to be in Warsaw.  Our arrival last night would have been better had there not been a mixup with the hotel that made us unpack, pack, and pack again around 11 pm.  I suppose an optimist may see that as some kind of hustle-bustle charm, but after living out of suitcases for […]

From the River

Later that day…  After the shipyards, we met with Dr. Waldemar Ossowski, director of the Museum of the City of Gdansk!  Dr. Ossowski bears the huge responsibility of guiding the historical interpretation of a city that traces its origins to the very establishment of Polish Culture, and he was excited to learn about what we […]

One Day, Three Cities

There’s just no way to describe the three-city experience.  Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot are three nearby places that despite being in the same country, show a visitor a pleasant variety o culture.  At Stary Gdansk, Neptune watches over the picturesque buildings that reach to the sky, as the minions of tourists, fishermen, and Gypsies walk […]

Coastline Update

Now THAT was an intense evening.  After meeting Dr. Trawicki, he invited us to a behind-the-scenes look at his museum.  The Museum of the Polish Navy is a fine institution, with a really amazing collection.  It wouldn’t be enough to have just a great collection.  Rather, the way in which it’s presented and interpreted is […]

We Made it to Gdansk!

Good morning!  It’s a breezy crisp morning in Gdansk, and we just finished a little breakfast, so, time to check in!  Our daily mileage tracker got quite a boost with last night’s trip, so we hot the sack pretty hard Thank goodness we didn’t ride the waves here on the ORP Incentive, pictured below, which […]

Arrived to Lichen

We made it to Lichen!  (Pronounced “lee-hayne”) Whilst swerving around wild loose moose and ducking under the occasional Polish artillery round flying overhead, we made it to our destination. If you believe that, I may a have a bridge to sell you, but we did have to travel through a Polish army firing range, and […]

Flow Wisla, Flow!

“Flow, Wisla Flow” was the chorus so eloquently trumpeted by my traveling companions Msgr. Tom and Marcin as we crossed the mighty Vistula as we departed Torun! Their harmonious melody was an old song that goes “Flow through the Polish countryside! As long as it flows Poland will never be lost!” …and us neither, as […]

Cappuccino and Update

Thought I’d shoot everyone a quick update from our quaint kawiarnia in the main square in Torun.  I need to let everyone know a few this about the museum of our friend and colleague, Dr. Dariusz Subocz. The Museum of Printing and Literature is a place that nearly defies description. Dr. Subocz and wife bought […]

Busy Sunday

Last night our A-team crossed the mighty Vistula (Wisla) river into Teutonic lands, and entered the gates of Torun! Unlike King Jagiello II and Grand Duke Vytautas in 1410, we’re not here to meet any Teutonic Knights on the battlefield, but the hallmarks of history here are impossible to ignore. Torun’s old town is a […]

At the Gates of Torun!

Later that night… At about 7:00 pm we arrived at Grebocin, within the district of the city of Torun! And we are TIRED after the 3-hour drive from Czestochowa. But it wasn’t so bad since we rode on a brand new highway. So new in fact, that it didn’t even appear on our Tom-Tom! Luckily […]