The Polish Mission contributes to 2nd Polish Corps war memorial

The Polish Mission was honored to financially participate in the construction of a memorial remembering the 2nd Polish Corps in the Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino. The official dedication of this site was on May 17, 2014, but the formal certificate recognizing our part in the process arrived just last week with a kind […]

Traces of Memory at Holocaust Memorial Center

Through gracious partnership with Żydowskie Muzeum Galicja, the exhibit Traces of Memory will show at the Holocaust Memorial Center until November 26, 2014. Traces of Memory pieces together a picture of the relics of Jewish life and culture in Polish Galicia that can still be seen today, interpreting these traces in a manner which is […]

Union League Club of Chicago Remembers Łódź Ghetto Anniversary

The Polish Mission is proud to support an event at the Union League Club of Chicago, on Thursday, August 28, 2014, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. With a procession and singing of the United States and State of Israel National Anthems, a solemn evening of remembrance, focuses on the thousands of men, women and […]

Lt. Col. Matt Urban: A Polish-American Hero.

This post is the home of The Polish Mission’s support drive to raise awareness of Lt. Col. Matt Urban, who bears the following distinction from Arlington National Cemetery: “the World War II infantry officer who has earned the distinction of being the most decorated combat soldier of that conflict.”  Click the below link for a genealogy report […]

Operation AB – Katyn: The Destruction of the Polish Elite

The Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools is hosting the final stop of the traveling exhibit Operation AB – Katyn: The Destruction of the Polish Elite at the Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library on the campus of the Orchard Lake Schools, located at 3535 Indian Trail, Orchard Lake MI, 48324.  The exhibition will be […]

Your invitation to NYC with The Polish Mission and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Have you heard that we’re in Manhattan?  For the next couple weeks at least!  The Forbidden Art exhibition and educational program has reached the east coast, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Are you coming? On behalf of the Chancellor-Rector of the Orchard Lake Schools Msgr. Tom Machalski, Vice Chancellor Anthony Koterba, Polish Mission […]

Forbidden Art goes to the Big Apple

The Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools is proud to be the exclusive North American partner organization with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum for the American tour of the Forbidden Art traveling exhibition.  To learn how you can support the Forbidden Art North American tour, or for more information, contact JJ Przewozniak at (248) 738-6720 or […]

Remembering the Fight for Warsaw

69 Years ago, the city of Warsaw looked drastically different than it did now.  Like today, you would have found Polish people, happy to be alive, greeting their friends, and carrying out their own day-to-day business.  However in 1944, that day-to-day business was survival.  Struggle.  Combat.  I’m referring to the Warsaw Uprising, which has gone […]

Spotlight on the Kaniarz Collection

The Polish Mission received a very special donation not too long ago.  Following a phone call from Laurie Kaniarz, her family was on campus only a short time later, with two very special items that would enter The Polish Mission Collections, attributed to the late Mr. Frank Kaniarz.  The two items were a copy of Frankly, The Works, by Frank […]

Outreach Continues @ Wayne

Head of Collections Elzbieta Cajzer addresses students – new photos online now! Following an immensely successful run at the Polish Mission at Orchard Lake Schools, the Forbidden Art exhibition makes the first stop on it’s national tour that will cross the United States from New York to Los Angeles.  Polish Mission Director Marcin Chumiecki said […]