Central Archives of Polonia – Pardon our dust!

Originally posted 2-4-2014:  The Central Archives of Polonia are the most rich and diverse collection of archival materials available for those who want to learn more about Polish and Polish-American history.  Started at the very beginning of the Orchard Lake Schools in 1885, we’ve accumulated countless documents that have been organized meticulously in several rooms in our historic “Ark” building.  Our colleagues in Poland recognize this, and as such we’re thankful to our great friends at the National Archives of Poland for introducing us to Mr. Pawel Pietrzyk, Senior Archivist at the National Archives in Lodz.  Pawel has visited our campus four times since 2006, and we’re happy to announce that in the near future, Pawel will begin the physical three-year program of re-organizing the archives, in following with international standards.

With great appreciation, we thank Fr. Stanislaw Flis of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Seminary for his service and dedication, as he steps down from the position of archivist.  Fr. Flis and Pawel had met together numerous times, and we’re happy that soon our archives will be a refreshed and newly organized resource for Polish and English speakers alike.

That said, with apologies for the inconvenience, the archives are officially closed to public access until further notice, due to the ongoing re-organization program.  Urgent research inquiries must be submitted in writing, and will be individually assessed.  Individuals may contact the Polish Mission main office for more information.  We’re looking forward to when the archives will be re-opened to the public following the work of Pawel Pietrzyk and the National Archives of Poland.

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