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Whew!  Who know there were such great Belgian waffles in Warsaw? This update is coming to you live from the Waff’love, right across the street from MuzHP, after a long day’s work at the museum.  Today my colleague, wonderful host, and Head of Collections at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Ela Cajzer wrapped up a national museum collections conference, and headed back to Oswiecim.  While she was there, I took the opportunity to work one-on-one with my colleague Łukasz Kubacki at the Museum of Polish History.

Right before I had left Michigan for this trip, Polish Mission Director Marcin Chumiecki and I had arranged for the “Poland Fights On” exhibition to be shipped to MuzHP to be out on special display and undergo conservation.  It’s a charming exhibition from the 1940s that we found tucked away in a closet at Orchard Lake, if you can believe it.  Following what may be accurately called less of a dusting, and more of a comprehensive airborne particle removal operation, we’ve had the exhibition on display at several events in the past.  Check it out in the photos from our Panorama Gala, and 1939 Commemoration from last year.  In any case, Marcin just informed Łukasz and I that the large crate is on the way, and we’re all eager to receive it in Warsaw.

The day was spent mainly going over the plans for Poland Fights On, meeting the staff of MuzHP, and going over a graphics project for our upcoming screening of A Place to Stand, happening right after I get back.  Since the exhibition arrives in Warsaw next week, I’ll travel back on Friday to inspect the exhibition, and meet with the education department to discuss some particulars of an exciting project set to be revealed at this year’s 1939 Commemoration.  I’m not letting the cat out of the bag just yet!  😉

Have a great weekend everyone!

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