From the Polish National Archives…

Dr. Barbara Berska!. View photo gallery.

berska-konwiakIt’s with great pride that the Polish Mission once again reports to the Orchard Lake community with more great news! Coming fast on the heels of the visit by Mr. Jacek Miler, Dr. Barbara Berska arrived on campus on April 18. Dr. Berska is the creator of the Dispersed Poland Exhibit, now on display in the Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library, and her coming to Orchard Lake just after Mr. Miler heralds a new and exciting future of mutual cooperation between the nation of Poland and our own special community here on the shores of Orchard Lake.

Dr. Berska was specially assigned by the National Archives to evaluate the conditions of the collections and the scope of our collections management here. The Polish Ministry of Culture and related governmental departments have known about the significance of our collections we safeguard ever since the first official visits in the recent past, but Dr. Berska came with a magnifying glass to find out just what we need to bring our operation to the next level. With a critical eye given to our abilities to preserve, protect and present our holdings to the public, Dr. Berska absorbed three rich days as a special guest of the Polish Mission, which included meeting with all Polish Mission departments and staff, going behind-the-scenes, and being the guest of honor at a private luncheon at the Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library, thanks to Director Caryn Noel.

Dr. Berska’s quest to learn more about Orchard Lake didn’t stop there, though. Without a moment to lose, she was on her way to meet PARI Director Ceil Jensen in Salt Lake City! Ceil is responsible for organizing the national United Polish Genealogical Conference, and it was arranged for Dr. Berska to be a special envoy from the National Archives. There, she’s giving special insight to the community of researchers on how to access the vast resources located inside the Polish National Archives.

Dr. Berska thoroughly experienced our passion for our heritage, both here and in Salt Lake City! I’m confident that the results of her visit here will go far to ensure that our collections are correctly maintained so that future generations will have the same pride for our treasured history that we all do today. Together, the entire Orchard Lake team deserves recognition for making Dr. Berska’s experience a success. Special thanks to Caryn Noel, Josh James, Kelley Stramaglia, and the AVI team for all the hard work!