From the River

Later that day…  After the shipyards, we met with Dr. Waldemar Ossowski, director of the Museum of the City of Gdansk!  Dr. Ossowski bears the huge responsibility of guiding the historical interpretation of a city that traces its origins to the very establishment of Polish Culture, and he was excited to learn about what we do in Orchard Lake and around the US.  After a meeting at his office at the old city hall building, he showed us all Dwor Artusa–the elegant hall that was a reception room for when the King would visit from Krakow centuries ago.  One of the subjects we went over was the concept of new exhibition covering everyday life in Gdansk for over 1,000 years.  The exhibition, and broader educational message, looks very exciting!  We bid do widzenia to he and his staff, happy to have made an excellent contact in northern Poland!
Now, time for lunch on a fishing trawler.  I’m not kidding.
Later that day….
Our entourage just left an amazing place: The Emigration Museum!  Deputy Director Sebastian Tyrakowski met with our delegation, where we discussed quite a few topics–after all, the emigration museum was a key items on this trip’s itinerary after all.  The entire history of the Orchard Lake Schools has been made by immigrants.  Though today we’re a diversified institution, a guiding element of our identity is our early formative period, when people fresh from Polish soil established our 132-year strong institution today.  It’s something we never forget at The Polish Mission, so we were happy to share quite a few projects with Dr. Tyrakowski that honor our heritage, like our ongoing digitization program for the Dziennik Polski newspaper, and our signature Portrait Studios of Polonia exhibition.
And now: time to drive to Warsaw.  Full Steam Ahead!

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