Dziennik Polski Digitization Project

First published in 1904, the Detroit-based newspaper, also known as The Polish Daily News, continues to leave its mark on Polonia.


The Polish Mission is pleased to release our genealogy site “Michigan Polish Heritage”. Please find two databases of interest: sample scans of metro Detroit’s “Dziennik Polski” (1904 and 1919) and the related obituary database created by our volunteers; and scans for 1980-1985.  The obituary database has over 25,000 names and currently includes the years 1940-1980.

We are fundraising to bring the full run of the newspaper (1904-1985) online as searchable and translatable .pdf files. Your generous gift will help us make this resource available.

Digitization of the Dziennik Polski will allow us to better focus on Polish immigration, assimilation, and cultural history not only here in metro Detroit; but state wide.

Additionally, we know the community has queries ready awaiting the ability to search theDziennik Polski database.

Using social media, we assessed the community’s interest and received the following replies:

“I would like to look up my Grandmother’s obituary” [Edie Srokowski]

“I would like to search to see where people were from or visiting Buffalo with the same surnames as mine” [Kasia Dane]

“Just reading the reactions of our relatives would be interesting…Totally different perspective when reading history as a current event” [Diane Snellgrove]

“I would also want to search for names in general. There are many times that a news article would contain names of people” [George Pappas]

“My grandfather was struck and killed by a car in Hamtramck. His name was Joseph Porzondek…think it may have been in that newspaper?” [Thomas Porzondek]

“…marriage or other genealogical relevant information…and a short story about me hitting a grand slam when I was nine!” [Stephen Janik].

The mayor of Hamtramck, Karen Majewski, is quoted “This project is so important! I would use it to do research for the Chene Street History Project, Polish American progressives, Polish American women business owners, as well as an upcoming book on Polish immigrant writer, Helena Stas.”

If you find an extracted name in our indices or images and would like to acquire a copy of that item, simply fill out the contact form with the corresponding information (date, volume, page, etc.) you found in the index. Friends of The Polish Mission members are charged $3.00 per record and non-members are charged $5.00 per record. Payments may be made in person or online using PayPal. Please use the Donate button. Contact us to find out how to become part of Friends of The Polish Mission.

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