Jubilee Books (1929-2013)


Jubilee Books were created to serve as a Pamiętnik or memory album for churches, nuns, priests, religious organizations, and the like who might be celebrating a special anniversary. We have digitized over 300 such items and chose to share them with you as part of The Polish Mission. If you have any such books to contribute, contact us to let us know how we can facilitate the process.

If you find an extracted name in our indices or images and would like to acquire a copy of that item, simply fill out the contact form with the corresponding information (date, volume, page, etc.) you found in the index. Friends of The Polish Mission members are charged $3.00 per record and non-members are charged $5.00 per record. Payments may be made in person or online using PayPal. Please use the Donate button. Contact us to find out how to become part of Friends of The Polish Mission.