Orchard Lake Schools Enrollment (Early 20th Century)


St. Mary’s Preparatory is a Catholic, all-boys, college preparatory high school. St. Mary’s was founded in 1885 on Detroit’s east side by Reverend Józef Dąbrowski as a school for Polish-American boys to train for the priesthood. The school moved to the 125 acre campus of the former Michigan Military Academy on the shores of Orchard Lake in 1909 and is still there today. Once hosting St. Mary’s College which closed in 2002, the campus is still shared with SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary. PARI volunteers have extracted the names of over 5,400 students who attended the high school during the earlier half of the 20th century (noninclusive). Birth dates and home cities were identified as well if they were provided in the school records.

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