Otto Schemansky Sons Monument Order Books

Schemansky_newSchemansky Sons Monuments began business on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit in 1883. The business moved to its current Detroit location of 13702 Van Dyke Street in the early 1940s. The current owners graciously offered PARI the loan of their earliest available order books dating from 1906-1977. All of these 46 volumes have been digitized and over 26,000 orders have been extracted. The index lists the surname of the purchaser and/or the surname on the headstone; and the volume and page number in which the information appears. Copies of an entry are available for a nominal fee.

If you find an extracted name in our indices and would like to acquire a copy of the record, simply fill out the request form with the corresponding information (date, volume, page, etc.) you found in the index. Friends of The Polish Mission members are charged $3.00 per record and non-members are charged $5.00 per record. Payments may be made in person or online using PayPal.