St. Albertus Marriage Records (1872-1912)

albertusSt. Albertus Catholic Church, located at 4231 St. Aubin Street in Detroit, was built between 1883-1885, although the parish itself was founded in 1872  by Fr. Szymon Wieczorek to help serve the religious needs of a rapidly growing metro area Polonia. The PARI staff has put in countless hours into the development of this database which lists over 3,000 marriages that took place through this parish.

If you find an extracted name in our indices and would like to acquire a copy of the record (most written in Latinized Polish), simply fill out the request form with the corresponding information (date, volume, page, etc.) you found in the index. Friends of The Polish Mission members are charged $3.00 per record and non-members are charged $5.00 per record. Payments may be made in person or online using PayPal.