Trybuna Codzienna

Trybuna Codzienna was a Detroit based Polish newspaper first published on 6 September 1920. Casimir Joseph Jankowski was born in Gniezno on 7 December 1889 according to his World War I U.S. draft registration. An attorney by education, Cass was the owner and president of the Trybuna Codzienna Publishing Company located at 960/4726 St. Aubin Avenue. John Lesinski served as the company’s first secretary and treasurer. Also, known as The Polish Daily Tribune, the newspaper did not have a Sunday publication. Rates for the paper were 2 cents a single copy; a yearly mail rate of $5.00; and a yearly mail rate to foreign countries of $8.00. It would seem that this paper had a very short run as little history seems to present itself with regards to its existence. Simply click here to search the small run of the newspaper we have made available online.