Getting the University Experience

On Tuesday, March 6, students from the St. Mary’s Polish Language class with their instructor Marzanna Owinski, bookstore manager Regina Borowicz, and Polish Mission curator JJ Przewozniak made a special trip to Detroit’s Wayne State University. The trip was aimed to introduce the “men of St. Mary’s” to the University experience in which they’ll soon be immersed. The chilly day began bright and early, and the group arrived at WSU’s Manoogian Hall to meet Professor Alina Klin, who very kindly worked with Marzanna to set up a series of tours and meetings across the entire WSU campus. The day included a general overview of the many facilities around WSU like the student apartments, study halls, the library, and a hallmark for our group in particular, Manoogian Hall’s Polish Room. The group also spent some quality time with WSU’s acclaimed fencing team. Weilding the saber, épée, and foil, the WSU Warriors put on a remarkable demonstration of swordsmanship and extended a special welcome to our students. Fencing head coach, Maestro Jerzy Radz, is of Polish decent.

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The OLSM boys (and the staff) had a special treat at Hamtramck’s Polonia Restaurant, managed by OLSM alum Andrew Zurowski, who came to bid our group a personal welcome. At the encouragement of their chaperones, the boys tried such Polish specialties as czarnina, potato pancakes, and even smalec (JJ’s favorite). Afterward, the group reconnected with Professor Klin for a short lecture on Polish ethnicity and culture in Detroit for a taste of the university classroom experience. When that was over, and without too many moments to lose, the group was back at Orchard Lake Schools for regular dismissal. Special thanks to Dr. Klin and her associates for being such welcoming hosts, and to Regina for being our expert driver!