Lt. Col. Matt Urban: A Polish-American Hero.

matt_urbanThis post is the home of The Polish Mission’s support drive to raise awareness of Lt. Col. Matt Urban, who bears the following distinction from Arlington National Cemetery: “the World War II infantry officer who has earned the distinction of being the most decorated combat soldier of that conflict.”  Click the below link for a genealogy report of Lt. Col. Urban, prepared by PARI, The Genealogy department of The Polish Mission. Matthew Urbanowicz GENREPORT


  1. This passage rnmdeis me of how humans crave to know their history. They know that they did not arise out of nothing; they know they had parents and those parents had parents and so on. God gives us the genealogies to connect our stories today to a bigger story of creation. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We have two journeys as Christians. One is a personal journey that we walk to become shaped more in Christ-likeness. This one’s familiar to us and one that our self-oriented culture resonates with. The other journey is a corporate journey; one that all Christians walk on together to realize the prayer thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. In this journey, we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We are part of God’s unfolding story of creation. The canon called the Bible is not being added to anymore, but we are every moment creating the living history of God’s people. We are called to make disciples, but I think that we are equally called to bring about justice where we see abuse (in the broadest sense) and oppression. I think that as individual Christians we cannot live out our mission if we just do one or the other. The other thing that struck me about today’s reading is that God wants me to see all the world’s people as my brothers and sisters. as I am descended from Noah and from Adam and Eve. Thus, when I see pictures of the poor in Africa or Asia, I usually think, That’s so sad that they have to live that way, and then move on to something else. I need to develop a different mindset that recognizes those in other countries as my relatives. I have a responsibility to help, even in a small way. It will never be enough, but God will make 5 fishes and 2 loaves go a long way. I just need to be sensitive to the need and open my hand to offer what I have.

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