Museum of the Polish Air Force


The Archive, Library, and Museum of the Polish Air Force was opened on September 1, 1990, on the occasion of the 18th World Congress of the Polish Air Force in Detroit. This collection is composed of reports and minutes of air force groups. Personal folders are filled with identification cards, photographs, and various documents. Museum objects are located in showcases.

The walls of the Museum are filled with original air force uniforms, distinctions, coats of arms, caps, diplomas, materials from world meetings, and photographs of airplanes and pilots. Models of airplanes used by Polish pilots also hang in the Museum.

The Library contains a complete set of publications connected with the World Congresses of the Polish Air Force and Polish pilots from the United States and Canada. Other publications concern the activity of the Alliance of Polish Pilots. The Library also has a set of the monthly periodical Skrzydaa, published in London. Special attention is given to documents concerning the plane crash and death of Gen. Władysław Sikorski at Gibraltar.