Museum of the Polish Army Second Corps

Permanent Exhibit and Memorial Chapel were opened on 8, July 1984. The founders, all 2nd Corps Veterans, wished to show the price of freedom through their experience under arms-unique experience in military history, from hopeless adversity to gallant victory. The exhibit includes original uniforms, medals. maps, photographs.


In 1983 the Foundation and Center of the Polish Army Second Corps established the Archive, Library, and Museum of the Second Corps at the Orchard Lake Schools. The Archive consists of documentation of personal acts of soldiers from the Second Corps.

Folders contain identity cards, letters, diplomas, distinctions, correspondence and pictures from the battlefield. The collection includes a large group of operation plans, movies, videos, and documentation of the Archives of Kola Karpatczykow and of the Association of the Soldiers of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division from Chicago.

There are separate materials regarding the P.S.K. and an abbreviated history of 316 and 317 Transport Companies (Kompanii Transporterów) P.S.K. in the Second Corps.
The library contains books, brochures, jubilee diaries, periodicals, and records with an inventory arranged according to general sections. Photo albums depict activity of Great Units of II Corps (Wielkich Jednostek 2 Korpusu).

The section devoted to Katyn is also very extensive. The Monte Cassino section contains battle plans in Polish, English and Italian. In addition to scientific works, the collection includes diaries, albums, publications and letters of soldiers killed and buried at the Military Cemetery at Monte Cassino. Diaries and reminiscences form the most extensive book section. Also valuable are periodicals and occasional publications.

The Museum of the Second Corps contains hundreds of original exhibits connected with soldiers’ daily life. The walls and showcases are filled with medals, commendations, uniforms original operation maps, hundreds of pictures, and different memorabilia.

The accumulated collections testify that the soldiers of the Second Corps are very concerned with preserving their history for posterity.

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