Panorama Gala Was a Success

The Polish Panorama  –  a diorama representing over a thousand years of Polish history and composed of 106 figures  –  has educated and entertained audiences, both young and old, for almost thirty years. Several years ago the importance of renovating the unique pageant became apparent. The first stage of fund raising began with the establishment of the Guardian Angel program for the figures. For a donation of $500.00 or more, a donor could choose a character from the diorama and become its patron.

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Perhaps you were in attendance when Polonica Americana Research Institute (PARI) Directors, Cecile Jensen and Dr. Hal Learman, hosted the March 15th Panorama Gala. It was a night held in reserve to honor our Conservators and Donors, those who supported the first phase of the renovation of the Polish Panorama. Some Guardian Angels selected a figure in greater need of restoration; others decided on one or more that represented a historical leader whose music, literature, or religious life was inspirational.

Attendees for the evening enjoyed a fine Lenten buffet featuring Polish delicacies followed by the encore performance of the Polish Panorama. Honored guests received their personal copy of the recently published The History of the Polish Panorama, a sixty eight page book documenting the historical importance of each figure.  Additional copies of the book were available for sale; and donations were received that evening to sponsor another eight Panorama figures. With over 200 people engaged in the festivities, we have set our goal to have all of the figures sponsored within the next two years.  We also asked each guest to become an ambassador for the Polish Mission and spread the word that we offer tours of the classic campus, group showings of the Polish Panorama and visits to the Galeria. We offer lectures and workshops related to Polish art, culture and genealogy. We continue to collect donations not only for repairs of the figures; but, also for lighting and automation updates of the Panorama.

If you missed our Gala, there are a number of ways to enjoy the Polish Mission. We are offering group tours, lectures and lunches – wonderful opportunities to gather with family and friends, take pleasure in the historical surroundings, and enjoy a meal just like Busia use to make.

  • Polish Panorama Showing
  • Campus Tour
  • Galeria Visit
  • Family Heritage and Genealogy

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Copies of The History of the Polish Panorama are available at PARI or St. Mary’s Campus Bookstore for $20.00.