Remembering the Fight for Warsaw

69 Years ago, the city of Warsaw looked drastically different than it did now.  Like today, you would have found Polish people, happy to be alive, greeting their friends, and carrying out their own day-to-day business.  However in 1944, that day-to-day business was survival.  Struggle.  Combat.  I’m referring to the Warsaw Uprising, which has gone down in history as the largest urban uprising.  Ever.  That event has also gone down as the most tragic occurrence in the entirety of Polish history, when people fighting with captured weapons, home-made guns, Molotov cocktails, and even stones, held their ground against what was once the most powerful army in the world, for an amazing 63 days.


Now that’s history worth remembering.


These days, those heroes of Warsaw can still be found in our own community here, though you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t know who they were.  On October 6, they come here, and there’s no mistaking who they are.  With blue jackets, red and white armbands, and bright medals, veterans of the Warsaw Uprising come to Orchard Lake from as far away as Chicago to meet, reminisce, and attend holy mass at the Shrine Chapel.  It’s a remarkable occasion, and we at The Polish Mission are honored to have so many distinguished guests gather at our historic campus.  Last Sunday was a day filled with awe, as the heroes of yesteryear; the greatest generation, were re-united at their yearly tradition.


Click here for photos.

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