Inga’s Back!

Last year, it was our honor to host Mrs. Inga Kopciewicz, delegate of the Ministry of Culture, and Polish art historian from the Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz. She wasn’t here for too long a time, and you may not have noticed her quietly working away at our art collection in the gallery.  Through cooperation the Polish Ministry of Culture she’s back on campus for an extended stay!  Armed with a pair of white gloves, a laptop, and years of experience with some of the most priceless psintings in Poland, she’s helping us out in a big way, by identifying and evaluating our own treasured art collection!

It’s a project that’s by no means easy or small, but safeguarding, preserving, and presenting our treasured collections is our duty; it’s what we do!  Working with Inga, our new intern Alec Malstrom is busy snapping clear photos of evaluated pieces, and JJ’s entering the information to the PastPerfect-online catalog.  It’s an exciting project; look for an online gallery of our pieces soon!  Welcome back Inga!