Thank You for Coming!

We’re big on teamwork here at The Polish Mission. Whether it’s working with our coworkers here on campus, or across the Atlantic Ocean via Skype with our colleagues in Poland, teamwork is absolutely essential for us. Most of our supporters and followers are well aware of the many organizations with which we’ve partnered over the […]

Conservation Workshop – Join Us!

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland, it’s our privilege to host a world-renowned team of experts here at The Polish Mission. Dr. Marek Kolyszko, Dariusz Subocz, and Adam Korcz are here all the way from Poland’s Torun and Grebocin, and they’re experts in the fields of archaeology […]

When they are silent, they shout

On display NOW at the Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library (building #2).  Click here for a downloadable campus map. The emotional traveling exhibition from the Institute of National Remembrance of Poland (IPN) is entitled Cum Tacent, Clamant, and it’s coming to The Polish Mission in early May.  The exhibition was prepared by the Institute of National […]