Remembering Jan Karski – by Mike Smith

The Polish Consulate in Chicago hosted a commemoration — “Jan Karski – the History, the Legacy and the Responsibility” — on Thursday, April 24, 2014 to honor the memory of Karski on the centennial of his birth.   It was an informative and moving program, to say the least. There were over two hundred attendees.  It […]

Moving to block 12

Today, I was introduced to Marta Berecka, head of Educational Projects for the ICEAH (International Centre for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust),  in block 12, just next door to my living quarters actually.  Marta works closely with the exhibition department, and together, both departments report to Deputy Director  Andzrej Kacorzyk, with whom I’ll be meeting later in the week. […]

Forbidden Art featured in the Jewish Daily Forward

Reporting from New York City, the following article is taken from the Jewish Daily Forward, written by Masha Leon.  See the original article here. “This is the second time I am here,” Poland’s ambassador to the United States, Ryszard Schnepf said from the bimah of Park East Synagogue at the November 12th launch of the New York […]

A Story Unfolding Before Our Eyes

A special report from Michael Traison… After all, what was this long Polish weekend about?  A story unfolding before our eyes.  We are witnesses to the past and the future. First, the context:  September 1 1939 Germany attacks and invades Poland. A Jewish district is quickly established and in October 1940 it is enclosed by […]

Today’s Proud Anniversary

Join The Polish Mission and the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Chicago as we remember and commemorate a proud day our Polish history.  It was our distinguished honor to be present a s the Consulate offered a beautiful commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  The historic event was marked by the attendance of such guests as honored veterans, state […]