Don’t Be a Passive Bystander

Marcin Chumiecki attended the 70th Anniversary commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz in Poland on Tuesday, leading a team of vigilant like-minded representatives from the United States.  This year’s anniversary was massive in scale and remarkable in content.  Please click the below link to be redirected to the website of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum’s website […]

Forbidden Art creates impact at UN, assembly on genocide looks to a better future

“Denying historical facts, especially on such an important subject as the Holocaust, is just not acceptable. Nor is it acceptable to call for the elimination of any State or people. I would like to see this fundamental principle respected both in rhetoric and in practice by all the members of the international community”. -UN Secretary-General […]

BREAKING NEWS: PM and “Forbidden Art” travel to UN

Download the press release PDF here. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Director Marcin Chumiecki (248) 217-1153 US Project Manager JJ Przewozniak (248) 738-6720 America’s oldest Polish cultural Mission partners with Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and the Permanent Mission of Poland to the United Nations to begin nationwide observance of 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz liberation at the United […]

Many found A Place to Stand!

It’s with happiness that we offer the deepest of thanks to those of you who were able to join us on the 18th!  Thanks to the generosity of the Edward and Josephine Wikiera Foundation, The documentary film A Place to Stand was received well by our capacity crowd in the Galeria, offered in celebration of […]

From the Polish Consulate – KOMUNIKAT PRASOWY

Polonijni lekarze z wizytą w Konsulacie Konsul Generalny RP w Chicago Paulina Kapuścińska gościła w piątek, 31 stycznia br., grupę polonijnych lekarzy, którzy przybyli do Chicago na 64. doroczny bal Związku Lekarzy Polskich w Chicago, który odbył się 1 lutego. W imieniu lekarzy Prezes Związku Dr Kornelia Król podziękowała Konsul Kapuścińskiej za wsparcie Konsulatu i […]