Thank You for Coming!

We’re big on teamwork here at The Polish Mission. Whether it’s working with our coworkers here on campus, or across the Atlantic Ocean via Skype with our colleagues in Poland, teamwork is absolutely essential for us. Most of our supporters and followers are well aware of the many organizations with which we’ve partnered over the years in Poland to bring high-quality exhibits and programming to audiences not just here in Orchard Lake, but across the country as well. We’re proud to offer cutting edge educational content in full partnership with the Muzeum of Polish History, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, and others! Offering our audiences in the US the best of Polish culture through education is what we love to do, just as much as sharing our own great collections in Poland. In fact, some historic posters from our Galeria collections were recently on display at the National Museum in Szczecin!

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On that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on some excellent happenings involving two of our great partners, Dr. Marek Kołyszko of the Copernicus University of Torun (UMK), and Dariusz Subocz, director of the Museum of Printing and Literature in Grębocin, representing the Art University of Poznan (UAP). Along with UMK student body representative Adam Korcz, our three guests from Poland stayed on-campus through the month of May, sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Culture, to help our “Polish” mission! Now, where to begin describing all the great news?

First of all, Subocz’ reputation as a conservator is second-to-none. Readers may remember that it was he and his team in Poland who conserved our collection of Royal correspondence, and exhibited them across Poland. He’s come to Orchard Lake to bring our beautiful collection back, and to restore three of our priceless paintings, in honor of Polish Mission donors the Levandoski family, and Mr. Walt Bala. Kolyszko is Poland’s most renowned archaeologist, who’s excavated battlefields and historic sites from the Scottish Highlands to the deserts of Libya. He came to do an archaeological dig at the Galeria, in advance of the new construction, to help answer questions about the past by digging in the ground. Thanks to his work, the small dig site has been recorded in a global archaeological register, and the artifacts found will be recorded in the cultural and natural history of the United States at Copernicus University in Torun!

Dr. Kołyszko, Subocz, and Korcz, all led an interactive conservation workshop at the Galeria on March 25th, allowing our guests to see top-tier museum work up close, and even put a shovel in the ground in search of the relics of the past. Attendees brought their own artifacts for a free conservation evaluation from our team, and enjoyed kremowki and conversation through the day, while viewing an exhibition of the 20th anniversry of the Wroclaw Flood, while our colleagues brought from Poland. Please join me in thanking our great colleagues from Poland, and make sure to check out all of the photos and info at!