The Polish Mission on your TV screen!

ceil webcardThe Polish Mission returns from our toe-to toe bout with Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilley, and Dancing With the Stars to compete for the hearts and minds of television enthusiasts across Michigan and elsewhere…  For those of you who were able to tune in to PBS’ airing of Our Polish Story, sorry if we all seemed like we were having too much fun–it was wonderful!  With 16 total volunteers, led by PARI Director Ceil Wendt-Jensen and Co-Director Dr. Hal Learman, the Polish Mission crew was unmatched in it’s ability to take viewer’s pledges.  People from as far away as Alberta, Canada called in to show their support of metro Detroit’s Polish culture, and to order their copies of The History of the Polish Panorama, Sto Lat, and Detroit’s Polonia.  Thanks so much to all the volunteers, and make sure to check out the photos here!

As we close our six-month advertising campaign with PBS, we’d also like to extend a thank you the great people there, who are working hard to promote quality programming.  Through our cultural promotion campaign in Signal magazine, as well as our television commercials, we’re proud our Polish-American organization has reached over 65,000 people via our print ads, and countless others have been introduced to our story via their television screen.  Even today, we took calls from Texas and Nevada–how wonderful it is to see our Polish message travel so far!


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