Wally West donates signed Komski book


We have suffered in bunkers of Auschwitz, tunnels of Dora and quarries of Mauthausen and Flossenburg. We made a surprise to ourselves and to others:

We outlasted!

In spite of expectation, we did not fall into oblivion. We stand for another fight – the fight for truth and justice. Our life does not belong to us. The shades of the deceased and murdered referred us to be testimony for truth. I believe that we shall do this duty.

One of the heirs of this difficult testament is the artist painter Jan KOMSKI, a political prisoner of Auschwitz, Gross-Rosen, Flosseburg and Dachau. The history of his stay in Auschwitz he immortalized as a prisoner. No 564 by a daring flight together with 3 colleagues of the Arbeitseinsatz. Now he is in Gramisch and works at a new cycle at the theme of concentration camp-life. The Polish community should accept his graphic work “BEHIND WIRES” as one of the links of, the chain of efforts devoted to create such a moral atmosphere in the world “which should render impossible that shame of concentration camps to happen again.”