We Made it to Gdansk!

10-gdanskGood morning!  It’s a breezy crisp morning in Gdansk, and we just finished a little breakfast, so, time to check in!  Our daily mileage tracker got quite a boost with last night’s trip, so we hot the sack pretty hard
Thank goodness we didn’t ride the waves here on the ORP Incentive, pictured below, which has some minor issues with her hull at the moment.
Gdansk has a different feel than the other cities, with its tall colorful buildings and the air of the sea snapping at your ears.  We’re off to our first meeting of the day at the National WWII Museum.  Last night, we took a quick walk around the river, taking snapshots of the beautiful boats docked around, on the way to the famous Zuraw crane.  It’s a picturesque landmark along the river, used for loading and unloading goods along this main waterway in Poland.
Later that day…
We just finished our meeting with Deputy Director of the National WWII Museum Dr. Janusz Marszalec.  From Orchard Lake, we’ve been dialoging for quite some time on a few ideas regarding our treasured WWII-related collections.  The collections make up a cornerstone of our presence in the United States, and we’re excited to have laid face-to-face groundwork for some exciting big developments in the future Galeria.  As many know, our ongoing 3.8 million USD renovation and expansion project for the Galeria includes a lower level, in which we’ll display the best of our treasured collection.  The majority of our items have been cataloged and some have undergone major conservation. The next step for us is to create a master museum exhibition, incorporating ALL the artifacts within one message, in an attractive, modern, and secure display.  The National WWII Museum is the leading authority on WWII museum education in Europe, and now that our cooperation has become more solidified, we couldn’t be happier.  It was a natural choice for cooperation.  Stay tuned more developments as always!
Later that day….
After writing some postcards for our friends and supporters back home at an outdoor cafe near the famous statue of Neptune, we’re abot to meet Dr. Lech Trawicki, Deputy Director of the Museum of the Polish Navy in Gdynia.  Here he comes!  More later!